Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The revolutionary innovation for the future: electronic cigarettes

When we hear about cigarettes, the first thing that strikes in our minds is the smoke that comes out of it. However, new inventions have made sure that this does not cause headache to the passive onlooker anymore. . If it's cold, you would feel the need to smoke every now and then.

How good are these cigarettes - The Electronic Cigarette come in disposable packs. This means that you may not necessarily be able to refill or reuse the same cartridge once more. This does not make the invention less attractive, though. The life of batteries for use in this electronic cigarette is found to be less, when compared with the other ones. However, this is a very common feature among any electronic equipment these days and hence users would have to live with it for the meantime, though.

However, it lets you to enjoy everything that you ever wanted to enjoy using the cigarette. This invention - Smokeless Cigarette - prevents people from spreading the dreaded smoke and polluting the environment. The ever enthusiastic environmentalist may even recognize this invention by rewarding the manufacturer.

It's for the future - This idea is a gift for the future generation, since it gives ample time and confidence to them, to try out the electronic cigarette, before they start smoking with the actual ones. If they want to continue with these disposable ones further, it is up to them. So, the choice is up to the end user, whether to go for the smokeless one or to go for the actual cigarette. This discovery has been made to ensure that the starters can enjoy the same experience as the experienced ones, and even bark in the joy of an experienced person while trying to start off with the process.

The nice feel- You get the same amount of charm at the back of your throat, when you use this electronic cigarette as you get while using the normal cigarette. The charm persists throughout the period of smoke and helps you to be elated all throughout the day. By making it a habit to smoke using the electronic cigarette, you could very well ignite the passion to begin a new world full of smoke free smokers, with good manners and behavior. You could very well be the initiator of peace and friendship all over the world.

The drawback - The battery of this smokeless cigarette is found to give some problems to users sometimes, and hence makes life a little uncomfortable for the first time user. The Electronic Cigarette pack is found to be non-refillable and the cartridges are not available for anyone to reuse. Hence, this adds up to the disadvantage. The highly priced pack of the electronic cigarette leaves much to be desired, since actual cigarettes are available in the market for within $8 price tag.